Mold Melted Glass Studio

Our Technology

Nowadays, fast development of technologies has enabled to transform nearly any shape into glass so that the size of the work is only limited by the size of furnaces. Our studio has the biggest furnaces in the world for this technology and, therefore, it can meet the most demanding orders for realizations in architecture. It co-operates with artists from the whole world.

Glass Technologies

The most prominent place in our work with glass take the following technologies.

Mold Melted Glass Sculpture
Very old glass technology (evidence of it can be found approx. 400 years B.C. among Egyptians, Phoenicians and Persians), which experienced its comeback in the 20th century after long centuries of oblivion. Czech artists S. Libenský and J. Brychtová, which belong to the founders of the studio in Pelechov, rank among the most important “re-discoverers” of this method. Mold melted glass sculpture is made as a sculpture from a drawing and design through modelling of the production of a mold, which is filled with glass shreds. Melting and following slow annealing of glass can last for several weeks. It is followed with surface treatment with acid and possible grinding and polishing of glass.
Fused Glass (Fusing)
Technology, which casts or fuses together various qualities and colours of glass. In the Lhotský studio it results in a wide range of both colour and monochromatic pieces — plates, bowls and sinks.
Slumped Glass
In this way of production, the cut glass slumps subjected to exactly calculated temperatures in the furnace into the mold, the shape of which it receives.
Glass Sandblasting
Surface treatment of glass, which enables to create plastic decorations, processing of text models and graphic symbols.
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