Mold Melted Glass Studio

Our History


P&L, spol. s r.o., established by two artists, Zdeněk Lhotský and Oldřich Plíva, took over deteriorating workshop of the mould melted glass in Pelechov at Železný Brod from the company Železnobrodské sklo a.s. and managed to save it before liquidation while solving problems of various importance.


Encounter, work of the author couple Libenský-Brychtová for the window-pane of the Opera Kioi Hall in Tokyo, Japan, was completed as the first truly big order. Further realizations of works of this couple and development of original new production brought stabilization of the studio as well as new customers.


Lhotský, s.r.o., takes over the former company of which Zdeněk Lhotský has become the only owner. The Mould Melted Glass Studio continues to attract a number of new customers thanks to high-quality work and, in particular, courageous and creative approach. Simultaneously, new own assortment based exclusively on own author designs of Zdeněk Lhotský has been developed.

1996 - 2004

A wide collection of applied glass objects made by Zdeňek Lhotský has found a permanent place in the domestic market and conquered demanding foreign markets recently.

New technologies, in particular fusing and slumping, have been introduced in production and the casting technology has improved gradually so much that the workshop in Pelechov has become one of the largest and best studios in this field.

Authors from the whole world come to Pelechov and produce their projects, which are often extremely difficult to realize. Every new author brings something new with respect to processing and structure of the work; therefore, every realization brings new demands and challenges. Therewith the workshop has become increasingly experienced and we realize leading works in this field.

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