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VITRUCELL — New Method of Casting Glass

VITRUCELL represents a new method of glass casting that integrates traditional processes and modern technologies in order to satissfy, not only design and architectural projects, but also artistic proposals, since it complies with all safety parameters and offers a huge range of aesthetic possibilities.

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Technology and services for your project
  • Model production (plaster, wax, polystyrene, clay)
  • Grinding
  • Sandblasting
  • Acid polishing
  • Glass painting
  • Polishing to high polish
  • Packing for export
  • Ensuring transport
  • Customs procedures
  • Photo studio
  • 110 types of colours of glass and possibility of production of special colour from 150 kg
Pricing policy is divided according to two types of products
  1. Glass sculpture consisting of one piece – the price is made for projects, which consist of one piece of glass, where all required pieces of information are available. It means that after the delivery of the model and consultations, we can calculate the price. It concerns a proven process of production, where all ordering conditions and, therefore, also production processes, are known.
  2. Project consisting of several pieces and project for architecture – production of more complex projects includes the connection of various crafts, conditions and factors:
    • Knowledge of know-how for production of big-size pieces and their assembly / installation.
    • Thorough preparation of the project on the basis of implementation documentation.
    • Project and design works.
    • Knowledge of safety risks (statics, strength).
    • Knowledge of all details and functionalities (purpose) of the product.
    • Shaping, moulding, stucco production, casting, grinding and polishing, gluing, special packing, metal treatment, welding, modelling, etc.
    • Design.

At request and after a preliminary agreement on conditions, we can provide the Accredited Test Certificate, which ensures conditions of inner stress in glass.

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